Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Three Couples; Longways; Proper

A1 Hold Hands in Lines: Slip Left, moving diagonally forward into a Line of Six - Men Face Down, Ladies Up (4)
Swing Through: Half Allemande Right (3); Half Allemande Left (3); Partner Two Hand Turn to Home (6)
A2 Repeat Slipping Right and starting with Left Hand - Turn is AC
B1 Long Lines Fall Back (4)
Ends Face Middles (who Face Up) and Set to them (4)
Double Oval: #1s Gypsy #3s
B2 #1s Swing Through Down the Line - new Middles face in quickly (8)
Long Lines Go Forward & Back (8)

Lively 32-bar jigs.

The Double Oval is a move from Thomas Wilson's early 19th century dance manuals, though we can find no record of any dance that used it! #1 Man & #3 Man do a Gypsy with each other around the stationary #2 Man WHILE #1 Lady & #3 Lady do a Gypsy with each other around the stationary #2 Lady. Earlier versions of this dance gave no preparation time for this move and often failed. The Fall Back and Set gets people facing the right way, with time to think about the next move.

The first part of the dance uses ideas from the dance Scotch Cap, so the name derives from Scotch CAp Double Oval. I since discovered that it also stands for Stay Calm And Dance On!

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