Serendipitous Seven

Source: Composed by John Sweeney
Formation: Circle Mixer

A1 Hold hands in one big circle: Into the Middle & Back; Partner Dosido
A2 Grand Chain - start Right Hand with Partner (#1) - #7 is your New Partner
B1 New Partner Gypsy Meltdown
B2 Promenade; Promenade Into the Middle & Back - Hold Hands in a big Circle...

Any 32-bar tune

The dance is based on Lucky Seven, but has more variation in the figures. One of the challenges with Lucky Seven is that beginners finish the Swing on the wrong side and are facing the wrong way for the Grand Chain (or Grand Right & Left if you are American!). The Promenade gives them a chance to get on the correct side, and the Promenade Into the Middle gets them back into a Circle in the correct place.

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