Freestyle Waltz - Contra Waltz

Waltz Workshops

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What is Freestyle or Contra Waltzing?

Freestyle Waltz has developed as a very freeform variation of traditional ballroom waltzing. The stepping is very simple - you only have to learn to walk in waltz time: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. Then you just flow around the dance floor with your partner.

You can choose a number of different holds and just walk together; you can throw in simple turns when you wish; and you can add countless variations "borrowed" from other dance forms.

If you have done other dances such as Modern Jive/Ceroc/LeRoc then you can use many of the moves you already know to spice up your contra waltzing: Basket, Neck Break, Man Spin, Butterfly, Windmill, Propeller and lots more!

At most contra dances you will find that they play waltz music while people are arriving, at the interval and as a bonus dance after the main dance has finished

Have a look at some of the videos below to get a feel for the contra waltz.

Freestyle Waltz Workshop Demonstration - John & Karen Sweeney - Colorado 2018

Contra Dancing Waltz - John & Karen Sweeney July 2022

Contra Dancing Waltz - LEAF Oct 2007

Contra Dancing Waltz at Lake Eden Arts Festival, Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA on October 21 2007.
A young couple experiment with lots of variations.

2008 Summer Soiree - Sunday morning waltz

This gives the feel of a typical contra waltz at a contra dance - everyone flowing around the floor in their favourite hold, with some couples adding variations when they wish.

Social Dance - Rotary Waltz

A young couple practicing and throwing in lots of Modern Jive/Swing-based variations.